Code Enforcement


The Township is committed to building relationships with community members and educating them on Township ordinances, using enforcement as a last resort.

Township ordinances are intended to ensure properties are maintained for the health and safety of community members, as well as to preserve the beauty and value of Township properties.

Code enforcement officers work with each person to resolve a violation before any fine is issued, except when there is a long history of repeated offenses.

WHEN TO FilE a ComplaintThe Community Development Department has the following tips for how residents can approach what they believe is a violation of a Township ordinance:

  • Talk with the person about your concerns in a respectful manner first, unless this cannot be done safely.
  • If you are unable to talk with the person or the problem persists, file a complaint online with the Township by completing this form.
  • Forms can also be printed here and emailed to or mailed to Township Hall at 6161 Belmont Ave. NE, Belmont, Michigan, 49306. You can also visit the Community Development Department in Township Hall to file a complaint or call the department at 616.726.8896 or 616.726.8894.
    • To expedite the ordinance enforcement process, please have the following information available when you call:
      • Your name, address and telephone number
      • Information on the violation you are calling about
      • The property owner's name, address and telephone number where the violation exists
      • Dates the violation occurred or started
      • Any known history of previous violations committed by the property owner

The Plainfield Charter Township Ordinance Enforcement Department handles complaints and violations observed by residents, businesses and township employees, such as:

  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Trash and junk
  • Signs
  • Exterior building maintenance
  • Outdoor storage of vehicles and RVs
  • Noise
  • Tall weeds and grass
  • Barking dogs

Once your violation complaint has been received, it will be investigated and the appropriate actions will be taken to correct said violation. Please do not expect the violation to be corrected immediately, as our Ordinance Enforcement Officers have specific guidelines to follow to remedy such matters.  In some instances, this process may take a few days or months.  Please understand that we sincerely intend to work with the public and the residents of Plainfield Charter Township and not against them.  It is the Township's policy to allow the landowner to remedy the problem once they have been made aware of the violation. If they fail to act, the Township will take further legal action to correct the violation.

The ordinance enforcement officers are generally available during morning hours.