THE Plainfield TOWNSHIP Cemetery and Columbarium Plainfield Township Cemetery and Columbarium are located at 6205 Packer Drive NE.
Oakwood Cemetery is located at 3985 Cannonsburg Rd. NE. 

Please contact the Clerk's Department, (616) 364-6588, regarding the following:

  • Purchase a grave (no graves are available at Oakwood) 
  • Transfer ownership of a grave
  • Schedule a burial
  • Inquire about burial records
  • General inquiries

Please contact the Buildings and Grounds Department,  (616) 363-9399, regarding the following:

Foundation orders and placement * and general inquiries.

Plainfield Charter Township reserves the right to refuse permission to erect any cemetery memorial/marker, not in keeping with the rules and regulations of the Cemetery.

Foundations are poured by the Township in the spring and fall depending on inclement weather.

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For a cemetery map showing burial information, please click here.  Enter Plainfield or Oakwood in the search box, zoom in and you will be able to see historical burial information.

Cemetery Advisory Committee
Plainfield Charter Township has a cemetery advisory committee. To view a roster of current members and read a description of committee actions, please use the Cemetery Advisory Committee link to the left of the page.