Latest PFAS Test Shows Township Water Remains Safe

water drop

The latest quarterly PFAS test indicates the Township’s municipal water continues to show non-detect levels of PFOS, PFOA and 13 other related compounds, with only a trace found of PFBS.

The detected PFBS amount of 4 parts per trillion, or ppt, is well below the state’s maximum level of 420 ppt and just above the detectable level of 2 ppt.

This summer, the state announced new PFAS drinking water standards, which are among the most protective in the nation. The new standards set enforceable limits for seven compounds in the PFAS family, a group of potentially harmful contaminants used in firefighting foam, food packaging, tanneries, metal platers and clothing manufacturing.

The Plainfield Township Water Department continues to be well prepared to meet these new standards and eliminate PFAS from its treated municipal water through filtration and clean water sources.

To view the latest quarterly report, click here. For more information about the new drinking water standards, click here.