Reimagine Plainfield Committee Seeks Public Input for Plainfield Avenue Corridor

Reimagine Plainfield logo

The Plainfield Corridor Redevelopment Advisory Committee has created an online survey to gather public input from residents, businesses and visitors for the Plainfield Avenue Corridor.

The committee’s work, known as Reimagine Plainfield, is using the survey to explore how to enhance the corridor and make it a more desirable place to work, shop and live.

Over the past six months, committee members have been listening and learning from panels of experts including developers, commercial real estate professionals, transportation experts and environmental engineers to understand all the various issues facing the corridor. Public input is needed to assist committee members in developing the next steps.

The first phase of the survey consists of questions related to current experiences with and observations of the corridor. The survey process will be done in several phases, providing the public multiple opportunities to share ideas and offer feedback to help create the vision for the corridor.

Survey respondents will first need to register in the survey’s Open Town Hall software to engage at all levels of the survey.

To register and begin the first phase of the survey, click here.

Part 2 of the survey focuses on the Corridor as a community asset. Click here to take Part 2 of the survey.