Township Releases New Video on How to Help Keep Groundwater Clean

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Plainfield Township’s municipal water customers enjoy some of the best-tasting drinking water in the state – and community members have an important role in helping to keep it that way.

The Township’s Water Department has released a new video that offers residents simple steps to prevent groundwater contamination. The video also outlines the Water Department’s Wellhead Protection Program, which helps keep groundwater free of contaminants by educating the community about the importance of protecting wellheads, wellfields and aquifers in the Township.

To prevent groundwater contamination residents and businesses needing to dispose oils, cleaners, paints, fertilizers and pesticides or have an underground septic system, unused well or storage tank should follow these steps:

  • Bring expired cleaning chemicals to the Kent County Public Works.
  • Replace harmful cleaning products with biodegradable or homemade options.
  • Bring used motor oil to a recycling facility near you.
  • Follow instructions on fertilizer and herbicide packages to prevent excess materials from entering the groundwater.
  • Pick up animal waste to keep it from getting washed into storm drains and impacting water quality.
  • Wash vehicles at a commercial car wash where the water is connected to sanitary sewers and treated.
  • Have a professional annually inspect and test your underground septic system or storage tank, if you have one.

Watch the new Wellhead Protection Program video below.