Trustees Continue Review of Township Funding Priorities

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As part of its continued evaluation of funding priorities, the Township Board is reviewing the Township’s current level of support for the Northview Senior Citizens program.

During its July 25 meeting, trustees reviewed the history of the Township’s involvement with the Northview Senior Citizens program, Senior Center and its agreement with Northview Public Schools. The Township maintains and operates the Senior Center, and the facility’s utility costs are split between the Township and Northview Public Schools. They also share the costs of the Northview Senior Citizens program director position. This year, the Township has budgeted approximately $104,000 from its nearly $11 million general fund to contribute to these expenses.

Trustees recognized the Senior Citizens program is a valuable resource the Township offers to older adults and expressed a desire to continue to support the program. Board members also agreed to conduct a review and potentially update the Township’s current agreement with Northview Public Schools, which was last revised in 2003.

The Northview Senior Citizens program offers a variety of activities such as exercise classes, crafting, wood carving, card playing, book and movie clubs, monthly luncheons, outings and day trips. 

For more information on the Senior Center and Northview Senior Citizens program, click here.