How to Avoid a Noise Violation in the Township


Do you often play loud music, have a noisy vehicle or own a device that omits a loud sound? If so, you should review the Township’s noise control ordinance to maintain public safety and avoid a violation.

The Township defines a noise violation as a sound that continues for more than 30 minutes and causes excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud noise or endangers the comfort, health or safety of others. This includes:

  • Motor vehicle horns.
  • Radios, speakers and musical instruments.
  • Loud vehicles.
  • Devices that attract attention, such as megaphone.

Exceptions to this ordinance include:

  • Emergency vehicles.
  • Construction projects occurring 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday – unless the Township issues a permit for work outside these hours.
  • A reasonable use of amplifiers or speakers for public addresses from community members or businesses.
  • Agricultural operations.
  • Township-sponsored events.

Noise violations can result in a fine. Code enforcement officers work with each person to resolve a violation before any fine is issued, except when there is a long history of repeated offenses.

Read more about the Township’s noise control ordinance here. For more information about code enforcement in the Township, click here.