Keeping Chickens and Other Animals on Your Property

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The Township has recently received many calls from residents about having chickens on their property and what regulations must be followed to own them.

The Township’s zoning ordinance defines what type of animals are allowed on certain properties to ensure the community’s safety and wellbeing. The zoning ordinance allows residents to keep chickens on their property if they are more than 25 feet from a home or property line. Roosters are prohibited. The Township does not require permits to own chickens or other domestic and farm animals.

Additionally, the Township allows:
  • Domestic animals. This includes cats, dogs, chinchillas, ferrets, fish and non-venomous lizards, snakes, and spiders, as well as caged amphibians, birds and rodents.
  • Farm animals. This includes horses, pigs, cattle, sheep, goats, llamas, chickens, geese, ducks, waterfowls, turkeys or any other animal raised for commercial profit.
Unlike domestic animals, farm animals can only be kept on larger properties. Specifically, farm animals kept within a structure must be at least 50 feet from any property line. Free-range farm animals must be kept at least 100 feet from any property line with the exception of chickens or domesticated waterfowl, which fall under the regulations listed above.

The Township does not allow residents to keep wild animals of any kind on their property. All animal owners are responsible for keeping the animals on their own property, as well ensuring living conditions are safe and clean.

You can learn more about the Township’s zoning ordinance pertaining to animals, by clicking here and reviewing Section 3.02.