Year in Review: Top Newsletter Stories from 2021

Township water tower

As you mark the new year and reflect on 2021, Plainfield Township is celebrating many accomplishments and improvements in the community.

Take a look back at the Top 3 most popular storylines from last year’s newsletter:

No. 3: Reimagine Plainfield Becomes a Reality

Corridor sign (website)

After nearly two years of extensive public input and planning sessions, the Plainfield Corridor Redevelopment Advisory Committee’s Reimagine Plainfield initiative was approved by the Township Board.

The 20-year vision provides a path for a reimagined Plainfield Avenue corridor that is complete with town centers that serve as hubs for retail businesses, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use developments and residential housing. To implement the vision, the Planning Commission undertook an extensive review of the Township’s zoning ordinance and its changes were approved by the Board of Trustees.

Through these changes, the Township welcomes reinvestment in the community from current and future property owners.

For more information about Reimagine Plainfield, visit

No. 2: New Trail Paves the Way for Pathways in Northern Plainfield Township

Rockford Trail aerial (website)

In 2021, the Township completed its second major trail expansion with an additional 2 miles of trail construction along Kuttshill Drive, Brewer Avenue and Kroes Street from Rogue River Road to Jericho Road.

The completion of this project is part of more than 4 miles of trails planned to be constructed throughout the Township in the coming years to enhance outdoor activities and connections within the Township.

To complete the trail, planners worked with property owners to navigate the route around trees to preserve the green canopy in the area. The partnership with neighbors makes this trail a community asset that will be enjoyed by many.

Going forward, the Township’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee plans to expand the trail north along Jericho Avenue from Kroes Street to Rockford city limits in 2023.

No. 1: Down Goes the Witmark Building

witmark building 2 (website)

For more than 20 years, the former Witmark building was a vacant and blighted property in the Township.

However, that changed when the Plainfield Township Board of Trustees in June voted to enforce the demolition of the building and the owner removed the structure shortly after.

The decision followed years of enforcement activity that was a drain on Township staff and the community. Now, the Township looks forward to what the site can bring to the growing economic activity along the Plainfield Avenue corridor.