Reimagine Plainfield Update: Board Members to Consider Proposed Changes to Zoning Ordinance

Reimagine Planfield - north kent_plan view (1) - Copy

The Plainfield Township Board of Trustees on Nov. 22 will consider proposed updates to the Township’s zoning ordinance and map that reflect the strategy of the Reimagine Plainfield plan.

The proposed changes include:
  • Allowing multistory and mixed-use developments that promote economic growth and residential housing.
  • Developing areas that are friendly for all modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling and driving, including vehicles, busses and delivery services.
  • Adding more landscaping and trees that create attractive public spaces.

The Board’s consideration will follow a public hearing on the changes at the Planning Commission’s Oct. 26 meeting and Trustees’ approval of a first reading of the updates Nov. 8.

The Board’s Nov. 22 meeting agenda will be available here.

To review the proposed changes to the zoning ordinance, click here. For the proposed changes to the zoning map, click here.