Community Center Proposal: Details on Cost and Construction

Plainfield Community Center - Exterior Concept (website)

The Nov. 2 ballot will include a proposal to finance the construction of a new Community Center.

As part of the Township’s ongoing effort to answer frequently asked questions about the project, staff is answering the following questions this week:

Does constructing and operating the Community Center impact the funding of other Township services?

No, funding for the construction of the new Community Center is separate from the funding that is provided for other Township services. For the proposed community center, voters will be asked to consider approving a bond issuance that will be paid by a  special tax levy. Other Township services such as the Fire Department, roads, parks operations, cemeteries, building services and general administrative services, as well as services provided by the Kent County Sheriff' are funded through separate funds generated through the general property tax levy.

How much will the proposal cost a property owner in Plainfield Township?

The amount that will be paid by property owners depends upon the taxable value of your property. It is estimated the necessary annual millage to pay for the construction is .9067 mills.

In Plainfield, the average taxable value of a residential property is $95,484. At this rate, the property owner will be assessed $87 annually to cover the costs to fully design and construct the Community Center.

If approved, when will construction begin on the new Community Center?  

If voters approve the ballot question, the Township will continue working with the architects and engineers to finalize the construction and design documents, issue proposals for construction services, and plan to break-ground in the spring of 2023.