Tips for Safely Draining Your Pool This Fall

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As fall approaches, those who own a pool will begin draining it for the season and should follow these tips from Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds to protect the environment.

Dechlorinate with sunlight or an EPA-approved dechlorination agent

Stop adding chlorine and expose to sunlight for two weeks while continuing to run your pump during this time. You can also purchase a dechlorination agent that meets EPA standards. Vitamin C-based dechlorination tablets are also acceptable and safer to handle.

Safely drain water

Find a grassy space, garden or other natural area on your property and slowly pump pool water into it and allow time for it to soak into the ground. Saltwater pools should never be drained into a storm sewer; they should be drained in stages on your property to prevent damage to vegetation.

Use a storm drain if necessary

If you don't have access to a natural area and do not own a saltwater pool, you may slowly pump dechlorinated pool water into a storm drain.

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