Township Answers Frequently Asked Questions About Community Center Proposal

Plainfield Community Center - Exterior Concept (website)

The Nov. 2 ballot will include a millage proposal to finance the construction of a new Community Center.

As part of the Township’s ongoing effort to answer frequently asked questions about the project, staff is answering the following question this week:

Why a new Community Center?

As part of the Board of Trustees’ current strategic plan, a new Community Center was identified as an opportunity to improve the quality of life in Plainfield Township.

The size and amenities of the current facility limit the Township’s ability to serve the community. The space is filled by the Northview Senior Citizens program on weekdays and often is booked by other groups on evenings and weekends. Additionally, the size of the current space cannot accommodate larger events or multiple groups at the same time.

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Will non-residents pay more for programming at the Community Center?

Programming fees and rates are established by the programs that operate within the Community Center. For example, Northview Senior Citizens sets its own rates and fees for programming based on the cost to provide the program.

To view a rendering of the proposed Community Center’s exterior and draft floor plans, click here.