Completion of Additional GAC Water Filtration Anticipated for Early May

Work continues on preparing the Plainfield municipal water plant for the conversion of additional filter beds to remove PFAS compounds.
Contractors finished their work last week removing old sand and other filtration material as well as cleaning the bottom of the filter beds. Calgon Carbon will bring in the new granular activated carbon, or GAC, during the first week of May. 
Work began early April on the modifications to convert three additional water filter beds to accommodate GAC to filter out PFAS compounds from municipal drinking water. When completed, this will bring Plainfield Water’s total GAC filtration capacity up to 12 million gallons per day out of a total of 16 mgd of capacity at the plant. 
The plant currently has nine mgd of GAC filtration capacity, which can handle water needs most of the year. However, it is insufficient to meet demand during summer peak demand season when lawn sprinkling and other activities can double or nearly triple demand.
The initial nine mgd of GAC filtration was funded by a grant from the state of Michigan to study the effectiveness of GAC filtration to eliminate PFAS compounds in municipal drinking water. Extensive testing since the filters were converted has indicated that the GAC filtration is highly effective in eliminating PFAS while still effectively eliminating bacteria, pathogens and other undesirable elements from our drinking water.

GAC filters