Property Owner's Guide to Road Repairs

New paved road

Is your street scheduled for repairs this year? If so and you’re unsure about how work will affect your property and routine activities, the Kent County Road Commission offers tips for preparing for road projects before repairs begin and what to expect throughout the process.
Driveway Access

Property owners generally have driveway access during projects. However, access to driveways may be limited for brief periods during paving work. If property owners require driveway access during this time, they can consult with the on-site contractor or inspector.

Sprinklers, Invisible Dog Fences, Homeowner-Placed Utilities

Underground sprinkling systems, invisible dog fencing and private homeowner-placed underground utilities are not permitted in the public road right-of-way.

If these items are within 3 feet of the road, it is the property owner’s responsibility to flag or stake the area. While crews do their best to work around these systems, any damage is the property owner’s responsibility. Sprinklers that border the road should be turned off during the road project.


The Kent County Road Commission gives its contractors flexibility in scheduling to achieve the best contract price possible. While inconvenient for planning purposes, this helps to stretch tax dollars and complete more miles of road improvements.

Work may be conducted anytime between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Occasional Sunday work may be required to complete the project within the contracted time frame. Before each project begins, the Road Commission posts yard signs asking property owners to avoid parking on road. Work typically starts within 48 hours of these signs being posted. Weather, equipment issues or simultaneous projects can impact the timing of work, so an exact day-to-day schedule cannot be provided.


When the project is completed, topsoil and grass seed in the right-of-way is placed by the Road Commission within four weeks. Property owners are responsible for watering and maintaining the area to assist with growth.

Plainfield Township is investing approximately $750,000 in street repairs this year to enhance travel within the Township as part of a new three-year road repair plan. The funds are being matched by the Road Commission for a total of $1.5 million to repair, resurface or replace more than six miles of roads in the Township. Repairs are expected to be completed during the 2021 construction season.

To find out if your street is scheduled for repairs or for more information about specific projects, visit the Township Road Repairs webpage. Updates on road projects will be posted on the Road Commission’s website.