Understanding Utility Flags on Your Property

Utility Flags
Have you noticed small utility flags on your property and wondered where they came from and what they mean?
When any excavation is scheduled on a property, color-coded flags are placed to identify what type of utilities are located underground. These different colored flags represent various utilities and signify utility companies have received requests to mark lines in advance of a construction project.

Companies are notified through the state’s Miss Dig 811 system, a free service homeowners and contractors use to request the marking of utility lines before any digging takes place, which is required by law.
Projects could include a new development, repairing or installing water or sewer lines, upgrading cable, internet or telephone lines, repairing natural gas mains, widening or resurfacing a street, adding sidewalks or installing a mailbox.
To view the list of color codes and learn more about Miss Dig, click here.