Reimagine Plainfield Corridor Plan Approved by the Board


A reimagined corridor with town centers that serve as hubs for retail businesses, feature pedestrian-friendly mixed-use developments and provide residential housing is the vision for Plainfield Avenue.

These concepts are part of the Plainfield Corridor Redevelopment Advisory Committee’s Reimagine Plainfield initiative, which was approved by the Township Board on May 24.

With the Board’s approval, the Planning Commission will work on changes to the zoning ordinance to help implement the new standards for future developments in the corridor as outlined in the Reimagine Plainfield plan. Once the Planning Commission completes a draft of the ordinance updates, the community will have an opportunity to provide feedback before changes are considered by the Township Board.

The plan outlines several key concepts for the corridor’s future, including:

  • Allowing the corridor to be more flexible to meet the needs of residents, business owners and visitors.
  • Developing areas for people that create energy and activity as well as build wealth in the community.
  • Creating a collection of places that have their own unique identities, functions and relationships with neighborhoods and businesses that surround them.
  • Developing more options for goods and services that meet the daily needs of residents, business owners and visitors.

A major component of the plan calls for developing three town centers that act as small downtown areas throughout the corridor. These areas will serve as hubs for retail businesses, feature pedestrian-friendly mixed-use developments that promote economic growth and provide residential housing.

Other aspects of the plan include making the corridor more friendly for all modes of transportation, such as walking, cycling and driving, including vehicles, busses and delivery services. The plan also emphasizes a need to “green” the corridor by adding more landscaping and trees that create attractive public spaces.

The corridor is defined as the area along Plainfield Avenue from Four Mile Road to East Beltline Avenue/Northland Drive continuing north to the Grand River and south on East Beltline to Grand River Avenue.

The plan’s adoption follows the Planning Commission’s recommendation the Township Board approve it and the committee’s finalization and recommendation of the plan. It also follows eight community input sessions.

To learn more about Reimagine Plainfield, including a summary and the full plan, click here.