Proper Placement for Garage Sale Signs

Garage Sale Sign
Planning a garage, estate or yard sale? The Township wants to remind you about where you can and cannot place signs advertising your event – and how many – to ensure the community’s safety.

According to the Township’s sign ordinance for garage, estate and yard sale signs:
  • One sign is allowed on the property where the sale is taking place. No signs are allowed on any other property, even if you have been given permission by the owner.
  • A sign cannot be larger than 6 square feet, may be placed up to three days before the sale and must be taken down when the sale is over.
  • Signs are not allowed in the public right-of-way – the space that is publicly owned for street and utility maintenance – including utility posts, such as telephone poles. You can enter your street address here to view right-of-way boundaries for your property.

The Township will remove and dispose of signs posted on public property or in the right-of-way. Remember, social media and word of mouth are great ways to advertise your event.

To read more about the Township’s sign ordinance, click here.