Fire Department Conducts Hazardous Material Training

Fire Dept hazmat 2

The Plainfield Township Fire Department recently completed training on decontamination procedures for exposure to hazardous materials when at a scene.

Firefighters practiced efficiently putting on full-body protective suits equipped with respirators and a soap and water spray used to decontaminate a firefighter’s clothing and gear. The training also involved setting up a decontamination station that included a conveyor system and large tent to shelter against inclement weather.

A firefighter who has been exposed to hazardous materials must lay on the conveyor while team members apply spray to remove toxic materials. Once a firefighter has gone through these procedures, they are considered safe from any hazardous material exposure and medical attention can be administered if needed.

Common hazardous materials firefighters encounter at a scene are chorine, sulfuric acid and flammable liquids. The Fire Department conducts these drills annually to ensure it maintains a high level of training for this type of situation during a rescue.