Get Paid to Be Part of PFAS Research

Township residents with private wells may be eligible to get paid to participate in the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services’ new study on PFAS exposure and immune response to COVID-19 vaccines.

The study is open to individuals 18 to 90 years old who:

  • Are participants or eligible to participate in the Michigan PFAS Exposure and Health Study.
  • Had their drinking water tested for PFAS at least once at the direction of the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy or MDHHS and there was a detectable level of PFAS.
  • Have not received the COVID-19 vaccine but plan to get vaccinated.

Women who are pregnant or individuals with certain health conditions are not eligible for the study. To check your eligibility, call 866.558.0732.

The study will help contribute to scientific knowledge about how people's immune systems respond to COVID-19 vaccines with certain PFAS blood levels. For more information, click here

PFAS PEAR Recruitment Flyer