Enjoying Spring Break Safely


Locked door

If you plan to be gone during spring break, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and National Crime Prevention Council offer some helpful ways to help protect your home and personal items:

  • Ask trusted friends or neighbors to keep an eye on things.Give them your keys so they can bring in any mail or deliveries, take your garbage cans out and back in on trash days and even reposition your car in the driveway. You can also utilize USPS’ hold mail service.
  • Wait until you get home before you share photos and posts on social media.You never know who is looking and you don’t want the wrong people to figure out the whole household is away. 
  • Invest in timers for lights.Closed blinds, drawn curtains and lights left blazing 24/7 aren’t the norm for most homes. Try to leave everything the way you usually keep it when you're there. Use timers to turn your lights on for a few hours in the evening.
  • Unplug electronics, including coffeemakers, computers and TVs. You won’t worry you left them on, and you’ll prevent damage from power surges. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus ofsaving energy. Many appliances use power even when turned off.
  • Lock it or lose it. Even if you think your neighborhood is safe, lock every door and don’t leave anything of value in plain sight.

If you plan on being gone an extended amount time, the Kent County Sheriff’s Office offers a vacation house check service. For more information, click here.