How You Can Protect Local Waterways This Spring

With the arrival of spring, you can help protect the local waterways by following these cleaning and garden tips from the Lower Grand River Organization of Watersheds, or LGROW.

  • Clear: Clear storm drains of snow, leaves and other debris before it rains to help keep stormwater clean and streets from flooding.
  • Plant: Choose native Michigan plants for your landscape. These have long roots that soak up rain and filter pollution. Learn more at org/rainscaping.
  • Dispose: Bring expired cleaning chemicals to the Kent County Public Works facility at 2908 10 Mile Road. Visit org/safehomes/safechem to learn more.
  • Travel: If you travel, use proper waste disposal for vehicles or boats at org/proper-disposal.
  • Swap: Replace harmful cleaning products with biodegradable or homemade options. Learn how at org/pollution-solutions.
  • Recycle: Bring used motor oil to recycling facilities near you. Learn more at org/proper-disposal.

For more information on protecting waterways, visit

Spring 2021