Plainfield Township Seeking Committee Members for Plainfield Community Center

Plainfield is establishing a committee to advise the Township Board on the future of the Plainfield Community Center, which currently serves as an event space and provides programming for seniors. 
The committee will provide input regarding the needs and design of a potential new facility, exploring existing facilities of similar function, size and scope. Members will also gather input from other Plainfield residents to ensure the needs of the public are addressed.
The committee will be comprised of five residents of Plainfield Township who have an interest in the Community Center, along with the senior program coordinator, three Township Board members, a representative from Northview Public Schools and Township Superintendent Cameron Van Wyngarden.
Plainfield residents interested in serving on this committee should fill out an application, found here and submit it to Applications can also be submitted in person at Township Hall - 6161 Belmont, Belmont, Michigan 49306. Applications should be turned in by Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2019.
Additional opportunities for community engagement will be made throughout the project such as presentations, community meetings and design workshops, as well as through community news and email updates.