Fire Department Teams Up for New CPR Training

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The Fire Department recently completed training on high-performance cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, as part of its commitment to providing life-saving services at the highest level.
Fire Department CPR training
Unlike traditional CPR performed by an individual, high-performance CPR uses a team approach to maximize the number of chest compressions during a cardiac arrest and streamline the processes of ventilation and establishing an airway.

The group is overseen by a commander, who monitors the crew member performing chest compressions and switches out team members every two minutes to ensure quality chest compressions and improve the patient’s chance of survival.

The department also can download data on the patient’s ventilation, number of chest compressions per minute and time spent performing CPR from the medical devices used during these incidents to ensure this method continues to be highly effective in saving lives.

The Fire Department conducts this training annually in January. The training also includes an online class provided by the American Heart Association and several in-person exercises involving infant CPR.