New Respiratory Gear Helps Fire Department Stay Safe

fire department respirators 2

The Plainfield Township Fire Department recently purchased reusable respirators to make keeping a steady supply of personal protection equipment more manageable as demand for disposable masks remain high nationwide due to COVID-19.

Like the disposable N95 masks previously used, the Powered Air Purifying Respirators, or PAPRs, are highly effective in filtering out toxic airborne substances or pathogens.

The respirators will be used to help keep firefighters safe when at a contaminated site such as a structure fire after extinguishment and while investigating a fire scene, which can often emit toxic fumes. Additionally, these respirators can be used on EMS calls and protect firefighters from COVID-19.

PAPRs use a blower to force air through filter cartridges or canisters and into the breathing area of the facepiece to create a safe supply of air flow.