Tax and Utility Bill Information and Payment Options

If you have questions regarding your property tax bill or payment options, contact the Treasurer's Department at (616) 726-8891.

Due Dates for Property Taxes:

  • Summer (bill goes out 7/1) –  September 14
  • Winter (bill goes out 12/1)  – February 14 
If these dates fall on a weekend or federal holiday, then payments are due the next business day following the 14th.

As of March 1st all property taxes become delinquent.  On March 1st all real property taxes are no longer payable at the Township and must be paid, along with additional penalty and interest charges, to the Kent County Treasurer’s office.

Plainfield Township Tax Payment Options
  1. Auto pay - direct debit from your bank account – Never pay late fees.  Sign up to have your payment automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each tax cycle on the due date. Tax Bill Auto Pay is FREE, SECURE, and EASY.  Click HERE to sign up.  Note:  Sign up must be at least ten business days prior to the due date to allow for processing.
  2. Online payments –  click HERE to pay online.  *Fee will be applied.
  3. Call to pay – Call 844-810-7246 (have your bill handy to provide your parcel number).  *Fee will be applied.
  4. Drop boxes - Leave payments in one of the secure 24/7 drop boxes located in front of Township Hall.
  5. To sign up for email tax bills:
  • If you already have an online account, click HERE to sign up.
  • If you don’t have an online account, you must first create and register an online account.
    1. Start by clicking HERE.
    2. Search for your tax account.
    3. Select your account.
    4. Proceed as if you are going to make a payment by selecting the button to pay your taxes.
    5. Select “I want to Register this Account” near the bottom of the page.  Follow the steps to register your account.

*Fees (when applicable)

  • Debit or Credit Card 2.75%.
  • EFT (Online check) $0.95.
  • Phone payments will be charged $0.75, in addition to either the debit/credit card charge or the EFT charge.
Taxpayers who have an escrow account

The Treasurer’s Department sends your tax bill to your mortgage company IF they request the bill.  The message, “A COPY OF THIS BILL HAS BEEN SENT TO MORTGAGE PROVIDER,” will be printed on your copy of the tax bill.  If this message does not appear on your bill and you have an escrow account, you should send a copy of your tax bill to your current mortgage company. 

Contact the Treasurer's Office at (616) 726-8891, to assist you with tax payment questions or problems.