Road Projects

Plainfield Township 2021 Road Repairs
Plainfield Township is investing approximately $750,000 in street repairs this summer and fall to enhance travel within the Township as part of a new three-year road repair plan.
The funds are being matched by the Kent County Road Commission for a total of $1.5 million to repair, resurface or replace more than six miles of roads in the Township. Repairs are expected to be completed during the 2021 construction season.
The Kent County Road Commission manages and oversees the Township’s road repair plan and uses multiple methods depending on the street’s condition. Utilizing multiple methods extends a road’s lifespan and allows for repairs before significant costs and construction are required to fully replace the road. 
The three types of road repairs scheduled for this year are:  
3.5-inch mill and fillRemoves and replaces nearly all the existing asphalt. Other sub-surface repairs such as adding gravel to fill low areas or fixing broken culverts are made where needed.
Single course mill and fillRemoves approximately half the existing asphalt and replaces it with a new layer.
Low volume ultra-thin overlayPlaces a thin layer on top of the existing pavement and is used to extend the life of streets that have not yet deteriorated to the point of requiring a more expensive repair.
For a list of the Township’s 2021 road projects, click here.
The Township works with the Road Commission to determine which roads to repair and the treatment process. The Township is responsible for sharing in the cost to repair local streets, while federal, state and county agencies are responsible for funding highways and county primary roads such as U.S. 131 (federal), Plainfield Avenue (state) and West River Drive (county).
Updates on construction projects will be posted on the Road Commission’s website.