The National Weather Service (NWS) is forecasting some minor to near moderate flooding to low lying areas along the Grand River, beginning this Thursday night (3/14/19) throughout the middle of next week. The graph below is the NWS forecast for areas in/near Plainfield Township. 

Grand River - Copy

Past experience with the flood prone areas in Plainfield Township suggest that the following issues occur when the Comstock Park river gauge reads the following depths: 

14 feet:  Homes along Willow Drive and Abrigador Trail have flooded basements and Abrigador Trail is closed. Riverbank Street NE is Plainfield Township is flooded and homes along Riverbank Street have flooded basements. Konkle Drive NE in Plainfield Township is flooded. 

13 feet:  Abrigador Trail is underwater and minor flooding of homes occurs along Abrigador Trail and Willow Drive. 

12 feet:  Expect minor flooding of homes along Abrigador Trail. 

***Residents in these areas are asked to be vigilant to water levels around them. Please remember that electricity and water together pose significant danger, 6" of moving water can knock a person off their feet and 12" can move a small car. For more details regarding water levels and predictions please go to the NWS website, water.weather.gov.